'Smarter Works'

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Construction productivity is a gauge of overall effectiveness of utilizing labor, equipment and capital. A major project risk potential for cost growth and schedule delays is due to lower than estimated labor productivity. However, the key to project productivity, cost, schedule and profitability is the efficient utilization of the craft labor.

Fortuitously, labor utilization can be measured, and therefore managed and improved by working – and managing – 'smarter'. For a given workforce on a given project, labor productivity improves as labor utilization improves. We call this the Utilization Effect.

Our present-time utilization data enable project management to 'deal with it now' and take prompt corrective action. Applied as process control, integral with project control, a positive, continuous improvement is made available to help control cost and schedule.

We have successfully been using Six Sigma-based statistical sampling and analysis of the construction work process on major engineering construction for over three decades. Please take a look at the papers and articles that describe our approach and cases of multi-million to billion dollar client projects.